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  • New Foton AUMARK C


    The Aumark BJ1051 boasts the legendary Cummins ISF 2.8l turbo diesel engine and benefits from industry leading technology such as Bosch electronics and ZF transmission. This combination makes the BJ1051 an outstanding truck at great value for money. Fully Euro 5 emissions compliant and with added benefits such as the full alloy fuel tank for corrosion free longer life and backed by a 3 year / 160,000kms warranty the Aumark is what a truck should be – solid, reliable and good value. The Aumark BJ1051 is fully customisable with versatile body options to make it a productive work tool for everyday use.

  • New Foton AUMARK S


    With the Cummins-powered Aumark S, Foton has re-defined what a light-duty truck should be. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Foton set out to raise the benchmark for light-duty trucks. No other light-duty truck can provide Cummins’ power, serviceability, reliability, and durability. No other light-duty truck can provide the safety and security of a full air brake system (including an air parking brake) and a 24 Volt electrical system, features that are usually the domain of much more expensive heavy-duty trucks.

    The Aumark S was tested to the max: durability testing, reliability testing, handling and stability testing on ice and snow, cold weather testing (-27.5C), high altitude testing (4700m) along with hot weather testing (47C). The Cummins-powered Foton Aumark S, re-defines what a light-duty truck should be.

  • New Foton AUMARK EST-M


    A medium-duty truck that looks and feels like a heavy-duty truck, the Auman EST-M has a road presence that other trucks aspire to.

    Some truck manufacturers think Cummins is optional: At Foton we know that Cummins is mandatory. The Auman EST-M is much more than the ‘Good looking truck with a Cummins engine’; it incorporates the latest design and technology, providing a distinct and refined driving experience.

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